Signature Marketing is your source for disposable and non-disposable gloves for medical, high-risk, sterile, and industrial environments.  Here are some of the gloves we provide.

Microflex – Medical/EMS/High Risk/Laboratory Disposable Gloves

Diamond Grip – Latex, exam, textured, powder-free
SafeGrip – Latex, exam, high-risk, ext. cuff, tx, powder-free
NeoPro Green – Chloroprene, exam, chemo, tx, powder-free
Ultra Sense – Nitrile, exam, blue, textured, powder-free
Synetron – Latex, exam, textured, powder-free
MidKnight – Nitrile, exam, black, textured, powder-free

Adenna – Medical Disposable Gloves

Platinum – Latex, exam, poly-lined, textured, powder-free
Gold – Latex, exam, chlorinated, textured, powder-free
NPF – Nitrile, exam, blue, textured, powder-free
Phantom – Latex, exam, black, textured, powder-free
Shadow – Nitrile, exam, black, textured, powder-free
Catch – Nitrile, bright orange, heavy textured, powder-free

Innovative Healthcare Solutions – Medical and Surgical Gloves

NitriDerm – Nitrile, surgical, sterile, textured, powder-free
NitriDerm – Nitrile, exam, sterile, ambi, powder-free
DermAssist – Latex, surgical, sterile, powder-free
DermAssist – Latex, exam, sterile, ambi, powdered
DermAssist – Vinyl, exam, sterile, ambi, powdered

Johnson Wilshire – Work Gloves For All Environments

Cotton canvas gloves
Jersey gloves
Inspection gloves
Hot mill & double palm gloves
Seamless string knit gloves
PVC coated gloves
Neoprene coated gloves
Nitrile coated gloves
Vinyl coated gloves
Leather palm gloves
Leather palm gunn pattern gloves
Special premium safety leather gloves
Leather driver’s, gunn pattern gloves
Welder’s gloves
Cut-resistant gloves

OccuNomix – Workplace Specialty Safety Gloves

Police gloves
Anti-Vibration, (VEPP) for vibration and impact protection.
Work gloves
Kevlar work, utility, lined gloves
Cold weather/waterproof gloves
High-Visibility work gloves
Mechanic’s gloves
Extrication gloves
Reflective traffic safety gloves



If you have something specific in mind or are interested in something not listed here, please contact us.  We provide thousands of products, too extensive to list.  We look forward to hearing from you and serving your health and safety needs.